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Police Lives Matter

Support the men and women of law enforcement with the purchase of a #POLICELIVESMATTER t-shirt. All proceeds go to the Gallagher's Army Fallen Officer Fund.

Support law enforcement with the purchase of a #PoliceLivesMatter t-shirt.

Order your #PoliceLivesMatter t-shirt today and stand with our law enforcement community as they protect our lives and way of life. All proceeds go to Gallagher's Army Fallen Officer Fund in support of our efforts as we strive to meet the immediate financial needs of police officer families when an officer is killed in the line of duty.


Exclusive Tee Shirt Design

While supplies last, show your support with a exclusive #PoliceLivesMatter t-shirt from Gallagher's Army. These high-quality t-shirts are police blue with a light grey imprint and are available in sizes from Small to XX-Large.

$25, shipping included. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping & delivery

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As police officers continue to be scrutinized and criticized, let’s keep the families of law enforcement in our prayers and remember that POLICE LIVES MATTER, too.

Mike Gallagher

Every law enforcement officer has a right to be proud of themselves and the men and women who stand beside them in their fight for justice just as they have the right and the duty to survive.

Randy Sutton